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Whelp.....just found out that some of my images have been stolen and sold without my consent!
It's a site known as
They have 7 of my images on there for sale.
And without permission.
Funny thing is, the dumb-asses left my name on the image.
This was posted by PD Smith Journal. HEY DA WE'RE GETTING SCREWED!
post in a journal about them, if they have your art. stop this crap!
Seems like I'm having and issue with Windows 10 and DA. Seem like I'm constantly having to re-log in every time I turn around.
If I open into another tab, it has me logged out. If I try to log back in from that tab, It won't let me. If I re-fresh my first tab open. Then that one shows me logged out. Then It takes a couple of tries before It lets me log back on.
I never had this issues until I upgraded to Windows 10. I can't seem to find what it is that's causing me to constantly log out. Even though on my home page setting, I have the "keep me logged in" box checked. But it doesn't seem to be working.
I can't seem to find if there's a setting with-in Windows that causing this or not.
Has anybody ran into this before?
Hello friends and watchers!
There seems to be a low life troll going around DA spamming and spreading lies.
They go by the name of Buttercup770

This person had left this on my front page…

I spoke to froyd1 about this and he said that he's been having problems with this person spreading lies!
this is what Froyd1 had been dealing with…………………………

Expand those notes and read.

Now we just found out that he/she is going after Shellyuk1990 and doing the same thing to her.…

We are not sure how many he has going around with her now or if he has any about me now too!

If you get a note from him about those two or me, they are lies. DO NO BELIEVE THEM!
This person has some serious personal issue and needs to be banned!
I along with Froyd1, Shellyuk1990, and Becarra have sent in reports about this low life scum!
If you do receive a note from this person, please forwards it to the Admins and report it as spam.
The funny thing is, this person is so stupid that they admitted to me that I caught them with the lie. They deactivated there account shortly after I got there last comment, only to re-activate it and add me to there watch list. TWO DAYS LATER!
I think not, and blocked them.

So please help me and the others above get rid of this scum!


Resolved, user was banned!
Hmmm......some how watch notifications disappeared during the latest "DA" update.
Monday I had under 500 notices from deviants submissions that I watch to zero today. I did nothing to delete them.
Guess this is part of the other "glitch" that's going on here.....the "error" message that keeps popping up!
So, sorry to my friends that I watch if I don't get to comment or save your work from the past few weeks.

happy new year!:thumbsup:
Yeah, I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've been around but my father, Earl, had passed away.
I'm the youngest of three in my family. My folks divorced over thirty years ago. I was the only one still in school(freshman year). Both parents remarried. I (nor my siblings) got along very well with my stepmother. She is a control freak and attention horde. Everything had to be about her. Earl had pretty much dis-own us and the three of us pretty much lost contact with Earl till recently when my brother started to talk to Earl. 
Well, my brother and I went to the service and things were a bit dicey needless to say( our sister had a business meeting that she could not[or wanted] to reschedule).
Long story short, things have just crappy over the whole deal and I just haven't been in a very good mood!

Time to move on!


I had noticed that sometime about two or three weeks ago that I had surpassed the 250,000 page view mark

So here the numbers this time around after five years....
275,514 pageviews.
1,116 Deviations submitted.
2,419,990 times my Deviations were viewed.
1,592 watchers/followers (minus a few that are no-longer DA Members).
The most Favorited one is Christie hams it up, with 241 favorites(still the leader).
The most viewed is Chris with 27,475 views.
Deviation with the most comments is Mom Takes the girls to the Beach with 75.
I guess I must be doing something right, eh!
Hope I'm showing improvements and thank to all my friends and followers for making it happen!!

Well, I just realized that I just passed the 100,000 page-views sometimes yesterday. Guess thats a good thing, eh!
Here are some numbers so far after four years:
873 Deviations submitted
1,076,799 times my Deviations were viewed
787 watchers/followers (minus a few that are no-longer DA Members)
The most favourited one is Christie hams it up, with 136 favourites
the most viewed is Mandy with 14,763 views.
Not bad for a rookie!!
Thanks to all my friends and followers for the past few years.
There surely will be more to come!:headbang:

Well, just realized that sometime this pass weekend I had hit the 60,000 pageviews. Not sure if it's really a big deal any more since DA had changed how the page views are been tracked.
Anyway, that to all that have looked, commented, and faved my work over the pass three plus years since I been here!!


Well, sometime this past weekend I had passed a small mile stone............10,000 page views.
Thanks to all the watchers and friends for making this happen.

Apparently this new  member~emielstringmust felt compelled to report my image of Lindsay Beach 02… to the FBI. I'm like what the hell for! There is nothing wrong with this image.
 It's not pornographic in any way. She not nude or pose in a lewd position.  Last time I went to the beach, this is what I have seen girls wear. And that was not that long ago (a few days a go). This fuck stick has only joined DA 3 days
ago and he thinks this is inappropriate. Well he is in for one hell of a shock when he starts browsing other DA pages around here. Guess he better not ever look thought the child and infant section cause if he thinks this is porno or
inappropriate, he's gonna have a field day over-there reporting  people to the FBI for posting pictures of there kids at the beach. Hell, some of the are either topless or nude. Oh, and the ones that pictures of them playing in the bath tub.
OH my.
Some people are just plain nuts!
Oh well, If I go to jail. It's been nice knowing you all!